At YogaTribe, we take pride in being trailblazers in producing sustainable and ethical services for the yoga and wellness community. We recognize the growing need to prioritize physical and spiritual well-being over materialistic desires. Our approach to yoga is unique as it seamlessly integrates both these physical and spiritual aspects. We welcome you to our space and hope to walk with you on this path.

Environmentalism is no longer just a marginal movement. Living sustainably and in harmony with the Earth is becoming increasingly necessary, and at some point, it will touch your heart and soul, compelling you to make a change. Our mission is to help people discover their true Self through the practice of yoga. 

Yoga practitioners seek inner harmony and truth, both within themselves and the world they occupy. At YogaTribe, we offer ecological yoga products free of toxins during production and in the final product. We are currently offering our services in different yoga studios and shops around the world, including New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and Chile, reflecting the global reach of YogaTribe. 

We encourage you to shine and remember that you belong to this Tribe, where love is the bridge that connects you to everything. Start your day with a moment of joy and remember that you are here to enrich the world. If you feel called to be part of this Tribe in some way, we welcome you to join us. Be a part of our passion for well-being and physical, emotional, and environmental alignment.

Our mission is educate and help people remember what they already know.
At YogaTribe, we are not motivated solely by generating wealth. Instead, we are guided by the underlying philosophy that a successful and profitable company does NOT have to come at the expense of others or the environment. We aim to leave the world in a better place by positively impacting the lives of those we touch and giving back to the communities we rely on. 

At YogaTribe, our only trace is love. Join us on this journey to rediscover yourself and create a positive impact on the world. 

The Yogatribe Team 🧘🏻‍♀️

Yogatribe Ambassadors

Meet Marina & Hayani

Marina and Hayani are two of our first Yogatribe Brand Ambassadors.

They, like us, share a passion for yoga and wellness. They often let their mind free and explore the energy of the body and mind during their yoga practices. 🪷

They are also educated and independent women, promoting the importance of taking action to combat climate change and the alarming scarcity of natural resources. Championing sustainable, ethical and moral causes. ♲

But, above all, they want to feel that they are part of a Tribe where everyone takes the other into account, a Tribe were the language spoken is the word of love. 💌