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Tree rubber

Tree rubber, also known as natural rubber, is produced and collected from the sap of rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis).

Tree rubber is a magnificent material because it is sustainable, biodegradable, durable, versatile, and comfortable.

The collection process starts with making a small incision in the bark of the tree to collect the sap. The incision is done by trained skilled experts to guarantee zero-harm for the tree. The sap is then collected every few hours throughout the day.

The quality and quantity of rubber produced depend on factors such as the age of the tree, the frequency of tapping, and the weather conditions.

tree rubber collection production
jute stems plantation for eco yoga mats yogatribe

Our materials

Jute fibers

Jute, also known as the "golden fibre", is a natural fiber that is mainly grown in India and some other countries in Southeast Asia.

A key feature of jute is its ability to be used either independently or blended with a range of other fibres and materials. It is also considered one of the longest and most used natural fiber for various textile applications.  

Jute is a sustainable and environmentally friendly fiber. Jute plants consumes carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the athmosphere, helping the planet and purifying the air we breathe.

The production and cultivation of jute provides employment for millions of people in rural areas.

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