Meet Coka Klug, the visionary founder of YogaTribe. With over 20 years of love and passion for Yoga and a background in graphic design, Coka saw her yoga mat as a blank canvas waiting to be inspired. Rather than just creating a good design to sell for profit, she turned to her inner guidance and found her inspiration through meditation. In just five minutes, the designs for her original yoga mat came to her, filled with the energy, peace, and intention she sought to share with others.

Coka is a dreamer and an artist, believing in miracles and the power of the mind to create. Her architecture of her own reality has brought her to the forefront of the sustainable and ethical yoga and wellness industry. She believes in the invitation to participate in life and to take ownership of our actions and creations, doing our best and giving the rest.

And now, YogaTribe has found a distributor in Europe through the company Indiaveda, founded by Luna Salvo and Eduardo Ramos. Indiaveda was born with the desire to share the ancestral wisdom of India in a modern and accessible way, bringing the knowledge and products related to Ayurveda and Yoga to those interested in living a healthy and conscious life. They see themselves as distributors not only of products but of a whole philosophy and lifestyle.

CEO & COO at Yogatribe® Europe

Meet Luna & Edu

"We are passionate about yoga, Ayurveda, a healthy lifestyle, conscious eating, nature, living in harmony and happiness."

"Nos apasiona el yoga, el ayurveda, la vida saludable, la alimentación consciente, la naturaleza, vivir en armonía y en felicidad."

"Unite conscious yoga for the future"

Our Values

Unity: creating an authentic balance between body, mind and spirit. And sharing it with our Tribe.

Truth: remembering who we truly are and staying truthful to ourselves, personally evolving through education and life experience.

Sustainability: our compromise with the planet and the Biosphere goes beyond anything. Bringing you a high quality yoga equipment makes us very proud of our duty here.

Kindness, compassion and generosity: giving back in every possible way - feeling, joy, thought or offering.

Love: spreading love around us and around the globe through our yoga conscious lifesyle vision.