With a love and passion for Yoga that spans over 20 years and being a graphic designer, the practice of Yoga had me envisioning my mat as a blank canvas to look at every day of my practice for years. I always saw it as an opportunity to inspire myself & others through art. Therefore YogaTribe®’s original designed yoga mat was born differently... instead of looking for a good design to sell and make money from it, I closed my eyes and went into a deep state of meditation, and asked myself what would add to my experience and what could I receive from this canvas if it could exist as a silent communication between us. The designs came to me within 5 minutes, it was clear and it felt right. It was the energy within the images and the peace that I could feel in my heart, the one I could visualize practicing on is the one I felt the need to share with others, to connect them to their practice too. I knew then if it makes me feel this way, there will be a Tribe out there who can resonate with a similar frequency. This is why we love to say our products have SOUL. Behind each carefully designed and selected product there is an intention that goes beyond functionality.

I am a dreamer, an artist, the architecture of my own reality... a characteristic that not always plays in our favour when doing business, but I believe in miracles and the power of our minds to create. I see no obstacles, only an invitation to play, to end up laughing to what once might have brought tears, to expand & to enjoy every moment of this gift called life. REMEMBERING where we came from and where we are going, the answer should always be LOVE. Gratitude is the gift that allows me to keep going and I believe it's the simplest and most powerful tool of happiness. I want people to remember too, that this life is a constant "invitation to participate", therefore we must take ownership of our actions and creations, it's challenging but so rewarding, all is asked from you it to SIMPLY DO YOUR BEST, the rest is giving. Come play with us, connect, and be part of our tribe.


We are Luna Salvo & Eduardo Ramos, founders of Indiaveda, a project that was born with the illusion of sharing the ancestral wisdom of India in a modern and close way, allowing the knowledge and the products related to Ayurveda and Yoga to reach more people interested in leading a healthy and conscious life.

We consider ourselves distributors not only of products, but of a whole philosophy and lifestyle. For this reason, we have incorporated YogaTribe® into everything we offer for wellness.

We are located in Spain, but we are very happy to be able to bring these wonderful yoga eco mats to all of Europe together with what all of Yogaribe represents. We are proud to be part of this great tribe that began 5 years ago in New Zealand and is now beginning its way through these lands.