Flower of Life Beige Natural Rubber 100% Eco YogaTribe® Mat



YogaTribe® Premium Jute & Rubber Yoga Mat is made of natural organic jute fibers and natural tree rubber. Jute is a natural vegetable fiber, which converts our yoga mat into a non-toxic, non-phlegmatic, latex-free and silicone-free element. Rubber is 100% natural, with no toxic chemicals have gone into the manufacturing process, making the mat 100% biodegradable.


Size: 183cm long x 61cm wide

Thickness: 4mm

Weight: 2.4 kg


FLOWER OF LIFE: also known as "the seed of life", was our first design. The flower of life, a graphic element of sacred geometry that invites us to find the beginning of everything, to return to "home" at the beginning of your yoga practice ... we begin and end at the same point, a reminder that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.

From there, your practice begins and you receive the support of our strong tribal element "the arrow", which will not only help you with alignment throughout the entire process of your practice but will also encourage you to continue and move forward. ... As long as you choose LOVE (the heart at the end of the arrow), you know that you will reach a good end ...

COLOR: Jute fibers of natural color and beige rubber.

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