Palo Santo Yoga Incense



Premium quality Yoga and meditation incense with purifying properties and superior burning time. Produced artisanally in Brazil with natural raw materials, fairly-traded, plastic and toxic-free. 

Palo Santo is a pleasant, natural scent that is considered to be grounding and soothing. It is often described as fresh, woody, and sweet with hints of mint, lemon, and pine.

Its pleasant aroma promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and enhances spiritual awareness. Palo Santo cleanses negative energy and purifies the air.

It is also used in traditional medicine for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.


Burning time can be shortened by gently removing the part of the incense stick that is light on. Burn it back on again whenever you want!

Ceramic cencers, metal or glass for a safer burning. Avoid wooden censers.


Black Charcoal, vegetable compound of Inca resins, Frankincence, Coarse Salt and crushed Palo Santo wood.



  • Contains: 9 incense sticks.
  • Burning time: 90 to 120 min approximately.



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